Ripe Finance

For the web3 savvy and Degens to earn yield on all digital assets.

Ripe Finance is a forward thinking protocol that is making it possible to earn yield on everything. Starting with digital assets and NFT's, users can deposit them into Ripe with is automatically collateralized for the user to borrow against.

Search strategies and pools to deposit your assets

User interfaces in the Degen world is dry. In some cases, it looks like Windows 95. Whether it was intentional or not, Degens need an interface that functions well, but is easy to understand. Instead of long rows of accordions or tables, a card makes the information more digestible and faster to sort.

A design system that is elevating the user’s expectations and behavior.

Design systems lays the fundamental foundation for engineers, designers, and marketing. With the proper structure and workflows, all teams can easily access the latest components and designs.

The primary color trifecta

Button variants for days

Variant hover states for charts

Multiple use cases

This part gets juicy.

Unique to Ripe Finance is the Juice Score. Like a credit score, the Juice Score enables user's to get more APY and better rates in the protocol. When a user deposits, borrows, and bonds, they can achieve a high Juice Score.

Monitor your portfolio and the protocols health

Dashboard help users quickly understand the performance of the financial positions. In this case, the user can access information pertaining to their positions and also about the financial health of the protocol.

If you haven’t yet, take a look at this case study👇

Ripe Finance: Product Design Case Study

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