Complete bank replacement built on DeFi rails

Smooth transition from traditional finance, into DeFi

Until now, you had to be a “crypto-native” with lots of tech knowledge and time to access the high yields of DeFi. By understanding customers' traditional banking needs—deposit paycheck, pay bills, save—and simplifying the complexity of Web3, Hightop is where user's behavior and expectations aren't compromised.

A Cash Account designed for the daily user

When it comes to money, transparency is vital. Users shouldn't think about how to transfer their funds, set up an ACH deposit, or freeze their card. The journey should come naturally. Design conventions make the Cash Account familiar and convenient.

Deposit your Bitcoin or other crypto currencies

Crypto wallets require many actions: approve transactions, sign, gas fees, etc. The Hightop Crypto Account utilizes established design patterns to remove jargon, and simplify crypto banking information.

Earn DeFi yields with fiat

Put funds to work with just a few taps. Users simply deposit dollars into their Cash Account, transfer to the Earn Account, and instantly earn yield.

It wouldn’t be Web3 without an NFT marketplace

One thing is certain, owning a JPEG is the next step in adopting Web3. With an integration into OpenSea, user's can search verified collections and purchase it within the app.

Reward users with the Golden Ticket referral plan

Not everyone will adopt neo-banking and crypto features immediately. Designing an exciting rewards system where users are rewarded for referring their contacts, and where new customers are rewarded for depositing $500, supported marketing initiatives to grow quality users.

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