Millhouse Venue

Millhouse Venue is the newest event venue in the east Idaho area. Built in 1919, the historic building was originally a sugar beet mill.

Started in October of 2019, Millhouse Venue hired me  for a website, logo, colors, and design elements that complete the brand.

Design Process

  1. Research
  2. Logo Design
  3. Branding Elements
  4. Website Sitemap
  5. Content Intake
  6. Launch


To start I took in consideration that this brand is an event venue in eastern Idaho held at an old sugar mill. To make the environment emphasize the style of the logo, I dug up some old photos and documentation of the building to learn about the history to potentially gain some brand inspiration.

Additionally I looked into what other venues in the area was doing, what was working and wasn't. My client requested to use a green color, however it was up to me to determine exactly what green to use.

Logo Design

The building is an iconic part of the Rigby, Idaho skyline. If I could figure a way to make this complex building into an icon, this logo will resonate with the locals.

I started by sketching the building from short side so that I can keep my area to a square ratio.

Next part of the logo was to introduce the word mark. I initially took inspiration from the "Old Sugar Mill" logo on the building.

Even though this was not entirely a bad idea. I did not work with the icon of the building I designed. To match the icon of the sugar mill I went with a serif style font and distorted the edges in a similar fashion.

I combined the word mark and the sugar mill icon to form the official logo.

Design Elements

I designed several variations of the logo for different use cases.

Next I chose the palette of green to use for all branded items. I went with a more muted forest green to resonate with the forests that surrounds eastern Idaho. In addition to the colors I added brushes that have a "old sugar mill" paint look to match the distorted edges of the logo. To top off the brand elements are sugar beets. This is the origin of the historic building. I choose an illustrated look to play up a more authentic and luxurious feel to the brand.

Website Sitemap

The challenge with this website is that because they are new (the building is not completely renovated), I won't have actual pictures of the event venue or reviews to use. The main goal of the website is to get users to book the venue beginning in 2020.

Content Intake

To develop content for the website I sent a list of questions in a shared Google doc to the Millhouse Venue team. Their answers were synthesized and used for content on the website. Some of those questions are:

  • What is Millhouse Venues Story?
  • What are unique selling points/ competitive advantages of the products and services?
  • How do you want users (feedback, complaints, praise, forms, comment) to communicate with your company through the website?
  • What packages will you offer?

Client Feedback & Launch

"Wahoo!! I love it! It's easy and super intuitive"
– Camie, Founder of Millhouse Venue

With the content, brand elements and stock photography I built the Millhouse Venue website. The overall design offers a relevant contemporary design yet usable. The trendy look assures the users to book a memorable event at Millhouse Venue. As renovations finish and the first few events happen, I will introduce new photos to the photo boxes across the website.