Hubsuite Marketing Agency

An experience first, business development agency focused on delivering custom solutions that function flawlessly, elevate each brand's design aesthetic, digital reach and in-turn help garner consumer loyalty.

A few of us and I, founded Hubsuite Marketing Agency because we saw a problem in small business and possessed a unique solution with the right resources and talent. Hubsuite currently is in the startup phase with nearly 40 clients in North America.

Design Process

  1. Research
  2. Logo Development
  3. Logo Refinements
  4. Brand Elements
  5. Website Design
  6. Launch


We interviewed business owners and discovered that many of them love to be their own boss. However, many of them lack a formal education in business operations, marketing, and creative design. In addition to this discovery, we found that most business owners (especially in the trade industry) became their own boss because they love what they do when they work with their hands.

Below are samples from our mood board that includes competitors we researched.

Logo Development

Initially we had two ideas we wanted to conceptualize. First idea was a 3 point triangle to represent the three main services we offer clients. Second was a compass concept. The compass represents Hubsuite guiding clients as a trail guide who leads people in a forest or mountains.

At this stage, the compass concept was strongest in principle and symbolism to represent the company. In order to make a balanced logo, I sketch concepts using grids to guide my drawing. Ultimately I sketched a final idea before digitalizing it that had a 3 dimensional aspect to bring depth to the logo.

Logo Refinements

Brand Elements

Blue was chosen as it symbolizes trust, wisdom, and intelligence. I went with a monochromatic color scheme to emphasize the color as the identity of the company.

This is the set of icons designed for services provided by Hubsuite.

Dubbed the Hubsuite Heros, these characters were illustrated for the homepage of the website.

Website Design

This is the initial plan for the sitemap.

Mobile low fidelity wireframe
Desktop low fidelity wireframe

This is the final and published version the Hubsuite Marketing website.